Resolutions for 2017

Having just finished undergrad and grad school all in one big push, my goals are the obvious stuff like get a job, but the more personal stuff is rooted in resetting normalcy.

* I shall open myself to receiving, accepting and maintaining abundant prosperity, without harming anybody or anything in the process, in any way; upon my own merit and efforts; close to home and heart; resulting from work I am passionate about. (Get a good job back on my home turf).

* I shall stop drinking for a year. Not forever,  just a year.

* I shall keep track of the books I've read through the year so that I can set future reading goals.

* I shall rekindle my relationship with some of my pre-college hobbies, and try new hobbies willingly and openly.

* I shall reasonable attempt to go hiking once a month, (we don't have inclement weather here). This is probably the hardest one to do.


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