Broken Record

I admit that I NEVER expected my job search after school to drag on this long. And by job search I mean securing full time employment related to my education, experience and interests. By job I don't mean freelance, (I have zero interest in freelancing period), or labor type work unless it's for my own business. In the eight months that I've been looking for work, there have been exactly two jobs in this region I could have applied for (and I did), two isn't exactly demonstrating a plethora of great opportunities.

If we lived where we want to live (any of a few places), which isn't here, I'd have dug in and started my own thing by now. As it is I have no interest in establishing, networking or digging in here, the folks are fine, but the place is not for us. Moreover our apartment is entirely too small and cramped to make a go of monetizing any of my skillsets...I digress.

I feel I'm at an unmarked crossroads. Ultimately I have my own Big Dream Idea that I'd like to get planted, but I need work to bridge the gap between the now and the then, pay the bills and save some money, stabilize my credit etc. 

I'm ready to live in my truck just to be somewhere else so I can get some good work. 


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