Modern Times

As a leaf floats upon a stream, ever moving toward the sea, this very blog is drifting. Modern technology, better or more appealing platforms present themselves, stick, develop or are left behind for their lack of innovation. This platform, google's blogger is dull compared to the ease of use and community of sharing of other platforms, blogger is tired, outdated and lacks any luster. It's simplicity is not minimal enough, nor is it robust enough, nor is it customizable enough. I think I've been sticking with it because I've been using it for so long, loyalty... to what, an audience? I don't have one.

This URL, this blog may go away, it may simply be redirected to another platform. I have no allusions that any of the followers I do have are following by the URL, but rather through the G+ crossposting which was disconnected when I changed the owner to Franzia Spritzer. I made the change so I could have a tighter control on my internet presence as I look for Serious Work. The very notion that people are looking at a 10 year old blog as evidence of employability makes me queasy. That hiring managers are looking at facebook as a character reference makes me queasy. I have had an internet presence as long as it has been possible to have such a thing, longer than my name has been what it is, I've grown as a human, as a citizen in these 20 years, to have someone judge my character now by something I posted in my 20s is horrifying. Not that I wasn't of sound mind and body in my 20s, I certainly was, but do I think my employability should be judged by what floats to the top in an internet search? Not really.

So, this URL may be redirected to my tumblr... tumblr doesn't have a "share to blogger" feature that I can find, maybe I'm not looking hard enough. Meh.


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