The things I need in a new town

Not all that long ago, living in Seattle, when I'd meet people from other places, in natural conversation they'd say "I live in ____" and I'd honestly ask, (if not a little snobbishly), "Why'd you want to live there?" emphasis on "there". Having spent most of my life in the Seattle area, a place filled with, like, all of the things that bring me joy, I wondered earnestly if other places have what Seattle, (or Tacoma and TBH PDX), has. Now, as we're trying to figure out where to move next I've compiled a list of things that I think of as requirements to fill my creative needs, to help me plot. It's a ridiculous list, a truly ridiculous list, and I'm confident that few places outside of major cities would have such an eclectic bunch of stuff. In making the list I can say I have pretty unusual requirements, it's a bit silly really, but as I'm missing all of these things I recognize their importance to me. So here we go, an incomplete list of bullshit things I want where I live:

Fabric stores, specialty, from sails to veils
sew & vac repair
stereo hi-fi repair
Art supply stores
Any combination of shops to make up for Display & Costume
Costume boutiques (that one on Roosevelt, seriously)
Vintage stores, furniture and clothing
A variety of thrift stores
salvage places, auto, building supplies, interior finishes
record stores
custom t-shirt shop (this comes up a lot in my life)
more than one tattoo shop
event rental stuff, lights, sound, etc
BIG industrial arts center
local, non chain hardware stores
local theaters
arthouse cinema and second run movie theaters
locally owned booksellers, new and used
locally owned eyeglasses boutique
Korean spa (lady needs a scrub down)
Local reprographics place
Asian markets, from candy to veggies and spices
lots of ethnic take out, I don't want sit-down boutique noodles
schwanky shoe boutiques
specialty stores like Daley's or that fly tying place on NW 15th
Army Navy surplus places
Corner stores
Game arcades
a magic shop
Jerk Church.
haberdasheries, and not just one
recycled bicycle place
tool lending library
camera shop

and then the regular stuff:
Appreciation and celebration of local indigenous cultures,
_wide_ ranging cultural/ethnic diversity and representation,
civic programming supporting poor and underserved citizens, universities, museums, farmers markets, local breweries, bike lanes, parks, municipal golf, tennis and pools, light rail, ban on styrofoam and plastic grocery bags.

I know the big o'l cities have all this stuff.... I need to know where else.


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