Dear Leftcoast;

Dear Leftcoast and the West,
Lets try to find a way to bring us back home. I'm graduating this weekend, and I'm free to return to full time meaningful creative work.Tony has another year of school here in NC, and we'd like to use this opportunity for me to be nimble and lightfooted. I can skedaddle without cats or household and couch surf for a minute, room up with friends to save money so we can make the big move next year. You know the old me and all that I was capable of, and now I'm packing some academispeak and highfalutin arty farty ideas about storytelling. And you know what, Leftcoast, I'm still super willing to get dirty, heard cats, and sweep the dojo for meaningful projects. We thought about the East coast for a bit, but the call of the wild and loving-family is too strong. I've never stopped being homesick for familiar stomping grounds and beloved faces. I won't head out with out prospects, I'm not young and dumb anymore. If you hear of something, anything, or think, "You know, Q, damnit, she'd be perfect for this!" Please let me know. If I've been gone too long and you can't remember what all I do, I have a resume over on in the about page, I promise I don't send that thing out, I have a short version if anybody needs to see it.

So Leftcoast, it's been way too long pal, way too long. I can think of places and people and projects that would be amazing to sink into with you. Lure us back, please.
Please call, lets talk soon.
All the best,
yours, sincerely


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