21 Days Under the Sky

There's a fine line between silly hipster bullshit with beautiful aesthetics, and a real nice buddy, roadtrip, motorcycle movie with good writing and a macho smoke and whisky voice over. A very fine line indeed. 21 Days Under the Sky, has all the trappings of my favorite documentary films, the surf, skate, and motorcycle buddy roadtrip movie, except that it's new, and pretty, and will make you go, "Pfft I can do that, fuck I have done that, all that! Pussies! Lemme at em! Suckers." In a back-slapping congratulatory kind of way, in the language of snarky in-speak of really good friends. Greasy, bearded dudes ride across the country on bone shattering old choppers, from San Francisco to Brooklyn along the Lincoln Highway, the first trans-continental across the US. Between the vast sweeping landscapes there are breakdowns, whiskey, legends, and rainbows, you know how it goes.
Beautifully shot and exquisitely edited together with archival footage, and masterfully written by ladyperson Kate O'Connor Morris, this is a pretty great film
It's on netflix and amazon prime. The trailer doesn't do it any justice.


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