Life online

Here's a thing.

I did that self portrait a day thing for like five years, and I stopped because there was a bad-man in my life working to kill all the self confidence and voice I had built through that project. Interestingly it was that project that drew him to me in the first place. He was such a creep that I didn't feel safe to navigate my home spaces in Seattle, Portland or even my internet communities because he was creepy enough to be lurking everywhere. He is amongst you.

Prior to the 365 project I was blogging every day, or mostly everyday since before blogging was a thing, I started writing daily web site updates  in 1995, I started the 365 project and photography in general as an extension of blogging, adding my own pictures to my writing rather than using other peoples pictures. None of that is "narcissism" as so many people like to extoll, rather it's voice and exercising taking up space. So many people would prefer to have women believing that they don't deserve to take up space (fuck you), the internet isn't ever going to run out of space, (so fuck you).

I have been living my life online since it was even possible to do so, and I've enjoyed the actual real life friends as well as virtual friends I have made navigating the internet spaces I've dipped into.

Some years back a person close to me tried to kill me a few times. Getting away from him was challenging to say the least. I joined the military and changed my name (the first time), when I got out of the military he found me and began to threaten me again. I took legal action and changed my name again trying to vanish from view, taking myself off line and never going out into public alone. A few years ago I deleted all of my accounts because of bad men threatening my life, creepy dangerous men have caused me to alter my lifestyle, freedom, names, and personal conduct in the sole interest of staying alive. I retreated from posting, writing as much as I used to, taking all the pictures of all the things because of fear,  I felt that I had to disappear.

I've been away from the baddies.... I'm 3000 miles away from the baddies I can rationalize that I'm probably physically safe from the creeps. I'm going to return to posting more often.


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