Camp Team Awesome HQ, new location

We just moved into a new place, an apartment in a nondescript building across from some really nice new apartments that cost twice as much for about the same space. The floors are solid and all the appliances work, that's cool. It's also 10 miles closer to school, the shop is now just a half a mile, so much easier. We're not totally settled in, I can only do so much at a time with homework and a feature film in production, but I'm getting there a little bit at a time.

I'm only in school here until May, Spouse is here for another year, this place works out great for us. I like this kind of apartment because it really could be anywhere in the country once the front door is closed.

LR, DR, study area, cat, facing the kitchen. 


The hi-fi (I just fixed it) and the Critical Self Portraits '15 backdrop

The Staff of Glistening Destiny and The Miter of Love's Reckoning, nobody has challenged me for them, so I still have them from Critical Massive 2011?  

The other cat, not this one, commanded I make a space on some shelves for him. Mocha claims victory as Cat of the Shelf. Filed between a box of slides and a tin of prints. 

Unpacking things that have been packed for 11 years. 

A soft battle.

This is gonna sound messed up.... but, this apartment is the least stressful place I've lived in 10+ years. I'm legit comfortable and contenty. It might be early, we've only been here two weeks, but so far so good.


  1. You must have some
    Irish heritage...

    "We just moved into a new place...across from some really nice new apartments that cost twice as much for about the same price."

  2. SPACE... same space. I'll fix that.
    but yes, Irish indeed.


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