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Broken Record

Modern Times

That was super easy


The Battle for New York City’s Trash | The New Yorker

Looking for a new Portfolio site.

Taxi #5

Aeon Fluxish : Juxtoposition

Mocha Princess Ninja strikes in slow-mo

Chicken Wrangling

Now that I’m done with school I want to go home

The things I need in a new town

tl;dr f*ck class.

Gotta Catch 'em All

Calling Cards

Animation Reel

The Last Homework Assignment, a zine; HOW TO BE A BADASS: A Rebel Grrrls Field Guide to Self-Reliance

Master Hart

Dear Leftcoast;

21 Days Under the Sky

Life online

kind of a cover letter

Feral mac

In Consideration of a Long Walk

It's Time, Opening Reception, Exhibit & Screening