A Movie About A Plane Crash needs your contributions!

GO BIG OR GO HOME!!! I'm making a movie! Please contribute to my crowdfunding campaign, and help spread the love by telling your friends about this kick ass movie your awesome friend is making. You'll hold your breath through half of it begging for the suspense to end. For less than the cost of a movie and popcorn you'll get your own copy and you can collect enough of your own tears to water the plants!

This movie is more than just my thesis film, this story has great potential to connect with lots of people on so many levels. While it's a true story about my family and me, it's a story about survival and tenacity. If you've ever wondered, 'WTF Q you're intense', this whole film tells you why, but it's not just about me, or or the specific accident we survived, it's about acknowledging and honoring profound life changing trauma. This movie explores what it's like getting a second chance at life.


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