I'm barking up the wrong tree.

I've been doing this career assessment thing through the school's career center, CareerBeam... because I wouldn't mind holding down a paying job at some point in my adult life, so why not work on identifying areas of interest, proficiency and satisfaction. The findings:

Some suggestion for fields I'm apparently well suited for are, biomedical researcher, cardiologist, financial manager (!HA!), network integration specialist, news analyst, software developer and a few others like psychiatrist, politics, government and inventor. While they're purposefully ambiguous, I can see the relationship between them all, assessing big pictures, holistic systems, far-sightedness, I totally agree with all that, but the science part is funny. Almost everything else about the assessment I have found really helpful, sometimes validating, sometimes surprising, like, I've never tested out as an ENFJ before. And I apparently have a preference for big companies over small ones, for their structure and long term internal mobility.

Some of the secondary career suggestions it produced for me I can get on board with and am/have been interested in for a long time in some fashion, notably HR, corporate training, writing/editing/producing. I LOVE helping people get their shit together, it's my all time most favorite thing in the whole wide world. I need someone like me for myself. It seems my task is to figure out how to make my magical MFA work for me here, I already know exactly what and exactly where I'm perfectly tooled for, but that bubble was burst for me a couple of years ago which has left me a little lost and forlorn. sad trombone. The hard part is finding someplace like it, doing something similar. I'm going to be networking my tail off for the next year.


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