Dream World Vision Board

In my dream world I’d have a big studio in which I could paint without cats. My cats puke on everything. In my dream world that place would be absolutely quite - no cars or barking dogs a block away, no hums or gurgles, or the sound of someone ripping loud burps through the walls, I could record without waiting for a truck to pass. In my dream world I could walk to an art supply store, and a fabric store, and a corner store, and a burrito store. In my dream world I will make the things I make, huge and vast audiences will listen and or look or both and will give me money to make more. In my dream world there is a person to negotiate, wheel and deal and balance and make sure we always have enough to cover the bills and wants. I will work and work and work making things that make a difference, things that are more than clever or just pretty, thinky things. In my dream world I will not have a job that pigeon holes me to a selection of my skills, I want to use all of them. In my dream world my art work will not generate income by commodification but by appreciation and patronage.  


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