Cat is my copilot.

Shadow Dude Ninja napping in the right-seat
Tony and I both wish to build a tiny house, lacking time and resources we bought our RV to live in until we can build our own place.  The things we both like about a tiny house is the houseiness of the tiny house and the customization options with a design-build. Things we like about the RV are, the house systems are already in place, road ready and it's incognito. Motorhomes typically have crap materials and insulation, so the interiors are kind of fakey looking wood laminates and they're cold. Ours is a bit of a cross between a tiny house and an RV in that the previous owners removed a lot of the laminate paneling, insulated with natural materials and replaced the old paneling with beadboard wainscoting, tiled the kitchen's backsplash and replaced the flooring with peel-and-stick laminate tiles with a slate look. In my opinion it's part way remodeled, and I'm grateful for the work they have done.

We will rebuild the dinette (which they mostly removed), and the bedroom that currently has two twin bunks, remove the couch, add bookshelves and workstations, and paint all the way around. All in all not too much of an investment in energy and money --it is a 1987 after all-- but spruced up enough for it to be comfortably livable and functional for all of us.

The motorhome is not without it's problems of course. We've already replaced the brakes; at present we're charging the deep cell batteries, troubleshooting shore power --I think it needs a new converter/inverter-- and trying to solve a mystery with the house water pump. I'm optimistic that all of these are minor-ish or easily solvable problems.

Mocha Princess Ninja commanding the cockpit
The cats seem to be adjusting well so far. They're enjoying the windows and fresh air, comfy seats and their new night watch and perimeter control jobs. I love that the cats are happy. We seem to be adjusting well too! Both of us are relieved to be out of our previous dwelling, both of us are enjoying that we OWN our "house," and we are digging the size. I'm really enjoying the quiet, having a bathroom near by and generally vacant, and I especially like having a greywater system --which means I can effectively wash up without it being a project.

We're grateful for our lovely hosts, a second cousin on my dad's side, Ed and his wife Janet; they're letting us park and troubleshoot in the comfort of their driveway.


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