La pequeña casa de la genialidad

Lets just call this post BEFORE.
1987 Sportscoach Pathfinder, 28’ $1800

Home. At least for a little while.

It's not perfect, but neither is it a lemon. We need to get some brake work done, figure out the wiring mess someone has accomplished---the tail lights are wired incorrectly--- and we'll be road ready.

Interior work is needed too, most of it personalization and that can wait until we've moved to Durham. I'll work on the interior electrics, trouble shooting as we go (break lights are more important), until then we'll cleverly use our camping gear to light the joint. It also needs a new hotwater heater tank. I'd rather build a solar water heater on top of the rig which would/could use gravity rather than the water pump.

I'm going to paint the interior, replace the cabinet hardware, switch out the 12v lights with LED fixtures, remove carpet (it's simply laying on top of the new flooring), make fresh window covering and slipcovers. Structural changes would be awesome to do if we had more time before we left, but they're not super important at the moment. I'd love to paint the exterior too, in due time. 

I'm full of ideas and out of time.



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