Broken Photos

If you're reading through past entries and run up on a broken photo link, it's because I deleted my Flickr account (not going to put money into something I don't really use). Eventually I'll replace the images with local rather than hosted images and all order will be restored, until then, oh well.


  1. I can't imagine deleting my flickr, even though it's turning into a graveyard. Bravery!

  2. It was not an easy decision, and I already kind of regret it. The number of hard drives that have failed since I started that account in 2005, Flickr became my most reliable back up. I know that I have the images with back ups, I know that I have a good file structure, it would only take time to hunt for the catalog that was on flickr. It does make me a little sad, but...attachment, meh.


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