Tithes for the First Church of the Jerk, Black Rock City

Do you love Jerk Church? Have we showed up at your party and livened the vibe? Have you come to a Sunday meeting and fallen in love with all of the amazingly awesome people you met there? Were you at a regional event and heard rousing joyous voices and saw a lot of glass lifting? Perhaps stumbled across a few Jerks in some dark hole on the playa and fell into singing when you weren't expecting it? Yeah, me too. 

This year the First Church of the Jerk would like to build a meetin' house, the First Church of the Jerk  Cathedral of Black Rock City. To do this the Jerk Church is requests contributions from converts like you to make it happen. Please donate today so that we may lift our voices and our glasses in thanks.

Please see our campaign on indigogo and make a contribution at any level, or whatever you feel you can give. Thank you very much. 

All the best, 

Imam Qat-hi, 
Clergy, Jerk Church


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