ZOMG You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone

I made the above mash-up called, ZOMG OH MY GOSH You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone (cup song). From buskers Lulu and the Lampshades and the OMG Oregon State cup staking champion winner of awesome SpeedStackingGirl Rachael Nardo. Combining 'patient zero', viral video sources from two disparate genres of user uploaded content with one unifying ingredient, the cup.  

The 'cup song' infected the internet with it's awesomeness and then, an actress, looking for inspiration took it under her wing so that she could bring it to set with her as a creative contribution to Pitch Perfect. As explained in the following video...

Now Universal "owns" the song.

Originally recorded in the 30's by bluegrass band, Mainers Mountaineers, it was available for fair use. Lulu and the Lampshades wrote new lyrics incorporating the original rhythm and chorus, making a whole new song.

ORIGINAL SONG by the Mainers Mountaineers

Just for funsies, Mainers Mountaineers playing a house party. When I was a kid, grandparents on my moms side square danced, and the whole family on my dads played blue grass at family events.  This video causes me to imagine a 'what if' scenario of a giant family mash-up.  


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