The Old Man and the Sea

That this film is viewable at such low quality is a travesty!

Aleksandr Petrov's The Old Man and the Sea, Academy Award winning animated short film (1999), based on Earnest Hemingway's novel of the same name.

If you choose to watch this, please set the viewable resolution to the highset available setting and wait for it to load, then watch at full screen, cuz, um oh my god.

Created using oil pastel painted on glass - the panes used for this film were 18x24. Using slow drying oil paints, one may paint a scene, shoot the frame(s) and then move the paint with a brush or fingers to the next position. This film has 29,000 painted cells, it took two years to produce painted by two people, the director Aleksandr Petrov and his son Dmitri Petrov. 

Shot using a multiplane animation stand which means that the each image that is shot for the progress of the film is not just one painting but many layered together which allows for what appear to be crane shots and moving camera shots that pan or pull through, push in etc to create depth and perspective that are challenging to create on a single plane.  Typically the camera operator sits at the top of the rig while artists work on each pane below.

Shot with an IMAX camera with a video assist camera back- the multiplane animation stand for glass panes used to create this film would be in the neighborhood of 8 to 10 feet high, the camera is mounted above, looking down through the planes. IMAX uses 65mm film and runs through the camera horizontally rather than vertically (337 feet per minute which adds up to 3x the amount of film as traditional film cameras). 

I'd like to say that I'd pay good money to see this film in an IMAX theater so that I may drink in the exquisite artwork and craftsmanship this film offers.   It'll never happen, but I can dream.


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