I'm parked on the edge of dropping out of school... or transferring but I know transferring would perpetuate the problem I'm experiencing and not actually make it better.

Each semester I'm presented with a graduation plan that suggests and dictates what classes I need to graduate.  Each time I am able to register for classes I do my best to follow the plan. However for each semester I've been here, there have been a number of degree requirements that are unavailable or have scheduling conflicts with each other -- one of the classes doesn't even exist yet.

This semester, the one I'm in right now, should be my last semester as an underclass-person and next semester should be my first semester of my senior year EXCEPT that it's been pushed back because I can't take the classes that DON'T EXIST.

I'm now in a position to be held back as a _third semester junior_ for two classes -- one of which doesn't exist -- this has been an ongoing problem. And because they have me as a _third semester junior_ I'm not eligible to register for the thesis prep classes for next semester. The result is that my graduation date has been pushed back a full year.
  • the classes I need are only offered once a year
  • the classes I need have scheduling conflicts with other degree reqs I've been advised to prioritize. 
  • the classes I need have scheduling conflicts with themselves - they are offered at the same time/day
Next semester, and every semester following I can only take three classes- dropping me out of full time which negatively affects my financial aid.

Next semester there will be no class offerings or requirements that will have me producing animated work -- way to keep the momentum! I won't see anything that looks like animated output until next January. 

I would like them to let me move on and begin my thesis year, as I understood I would. I'm really angry.  This is not only a barrier to my accepting the full time job I'm being offered elsewhere, but it's also costing me an extra $17K, which should be enough to to make me angry.

I'm very seriously contacting a transfer rep at PSU ... like writing the email now.

mover, switching to PSU would save me $20K a year, no shit.


  1. Ouch! That really sucks! Academia can be so retarded sometimes. And too often they don't seem any bit interested in helping their students. Sorry, and good luck.


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