What if

This. Alan Watts has a bit to say about eating that dreamy pie in the sky. It's this kind of thinking that has created the path I've chosen to follow. Twelve years ago it seemed absurd to declare that I wanted to do what i do, but now it's my real live honest to dog day job that I love so much. Sure my awesome job doesn't pay much, and that's cool, because money is no object. I'm working on sating my soul, the work has FAR REACHING positive consequences for many, many people outside of my personal sphere.  Choosing to follow my self-designed path, choosing to not compromise my goals,  and accepting appropriate sacrifice to serve the goal has definitely been a long-shot with a very long arch to success. The time working on my career been entirely gratifying, both for me and hopefully the people I help along the way.

So what if money was no object?


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