Voting's Awesome!

Long has been my road to vote.
If you've been following along you'd know that I've been trying to register to vote as a homeless person because I live in a less than above board loft.  I've been registered by the state of Oregon many times and each time revoked for some minor issue surrounding being without a residential address, even though every time I presented consistent and accurate information (they require to know the approximate location of where you camp each night, I posted my intersection). The last time I sent in their requested documentation I included a letter stating how difficult it's been to register, how disappointed I was that their system doesn't support it's own voter registration laws and that I felt the presidential election was just as important to marginalized voters as it is to those with traditional homes and jobs.

When I got a voter pamphlet in the mail I suspected that I was finally secure in my registration - noteworthy in itself, but I still wasn't confident in my ability to vote until I got my ballot in the mail the other day. JUBILATION!  This tiny, months long battle has been won! Today I cast my ballot into the mail. I have voted.

It was a tremendous pain in the ass, but  I'm glad I put up the tedious and tenacious fight to exercise my right to vote.

[ed not about my residental address]
In talking with the guy who manages the building - the same guy who painted the numbers on the door, we agreed that registering to vote was an important enough reason to try to get mail here. He said nobody had tried before and suggested we send some test mails to see what happens. I sent mail to the number on the door - it was returned. I sent mail to the number google maps thinks is the address, it vanished. I've sent mail to an address the post office thinks belongs to my door, it's vanished too.  I honestly do not have a reliable physical address.


  1. hm, is there some sort of PO Box at school you could use?

  2. I have a PO BOX, it wasn't acceptable as a residential address. I did ask at school if there was an address for such things and, no there isn't. I decided early on that I was going to go after registering as 'homeless' because technically, under the letter of the law I am, and this state permits homeless people to register - so it became a mission of sorts. It took persistence, but it worked and I voted =)

  3. Awesome. I hope your ballot holds!

  4. Me too. I'm calling the office again tomorrow to try to finally straighten this out.


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