Protest vote?

I'm profoundly confused by people who cast a vote in "protest." Is that the vote they really mean to cast? Really? I've known so many people who do this; I knew one gut who voted for Bush's second term with the hope that if he got reelected he'd be indited. See how that protest vote worked out? For shit that's how.

Casting a protest counter vote really doesn't effect the election - regardless of what we call it, we have a two party system.  If you don't like either of the two major parties, don't cast a presidential vote at all, it's essentially the same thing as a protest vote. Vote for who you really want to vote for and own it, rather than acting a damn fool.  But hey, it's our right to cast votes as we see fit for whatever reasons we feel are suitable to our politics.

By the way it's always white guys who do this.
I see it as a gross application of their privilege.

Access to voting a a major deal.
We women folk haven't been able to vote all that long.
Even brown folk have been able to vote longer than the womens.
With that in mind why the hell would anybody want to squander their vote?

I finally got registered (as a homeless person) and got my ballot in the mail. I'll be voting based on sound, informed decisions - not throwing that shit in the fire in protest.


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