There is this thing that happens - Time Based Arts (TBA) Festival - Generally one or more of my professors requires that we attend a TBA presentation and generally we must write some critiques about what we'll see.

So far I've seen Miniature Dramas, by Laura Heit, she's one of my professors, so I won't be critiquing her performance because that would be AWKWARD. Although I will say I think she's brilliant.
       stage presentation
           table top performances
           camera - projector, microphone to aide audience
      vignettes compacted into matchboxes
            puppet figures
      about a minute each

Tonight I will see The Gob Squad, not because I'm actually interested in seeing it, but because my classmates are also seeing this performance, as well, we as a class will see the performers talk tomorrow afternoon. I think it'll be interesting to have a rounded out experience of performance and discussion.

Saturday Night I'm going to see Maureen Selwood at the Northwest Film Center with my class. This screening is the only thing in this line up (Other than mini dramas) that I'm actually interested in participating in.

And finally Ant Hampton & Time Echtells The Quiet Volume, selected solely on the grounds that the idea of participating in this set of actions makes me extremely uncomfortable.  If you'll recall a post from a few days ago I said, "I'm interested in making people uncomfortable with my art. But I'm not interested in being made uncomfortable by art." With that it's my personal responsibility to place myself in the way of uncomfortable art. So I'm going.


  1. how did it go? Me and Tim (not Time, though it would be a great name) would be interested to know what you thought. cheers, Ant


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