google adsense

The other day I turned on google ads, just for funsies. A day or so later when I saw my posts in my rss feed thingy, religious ads were attached to my post - horrified I clicked through to see more religious ads!  GAH! I immediately turned the adsense feature off.

Dear Google,
I wholeheartedly DISAPPROVE of a church or religious organization using innocent bystanders as a vehicle to proselytize.  It offends me to no end. Yes, I willingly activated the feature for my blog. True. I would like to be given an opportunity to select the types of ads I am willing to host.  Thanks.


Let me be absolutely clear. I do not support, condone or accept advertising by a religious organization. Ever.

Being a responsible user, I googled the policy regarding filtering.

here's what I found
a video

That's great, how do I do that? Where do I find those controls?
Oh, ok. Cool, I clicked on view dashboard. 
oh, well.... 
I tried another browser. 
Well damn... 
another browser

oh, ok, no we're getting somewhere. Three browsers before I can even see the interface. Firefox, Chrome, Safari in that order. 

Lets note that I STILL don't see the interface that controls for blocking or selecting ads. 



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