unexpected, unwelcome reprioritizations

I'm not toooooo much of a complainer, but...

The other day we had a surprise visit from the fire marshal.  QUICK hide all evidence of residence!

I can't find shit. Well, I can find Tony's stuff because I paid attention to where I put his stuff. My stuff on the other hand, not so much. It's been an incredibly frustrating the past few days when I seek to find something that I require to function and I can't find it.

It's been in the 90-100 degree range and hot as balls. Trying to make the place cool enough to sustain the lives of my cats has been interesting.

My internet service has been spotty and unreliable I haven't been able to work for about 5 days. This is a really bad time to not be able to work.

The laundromat I just went to was expensive, more than half of the machines were out of order and there was no AC... or wifi, making the experience suck donkey cock for the two hours I was there.  I brought home mostly damp laundry to figure out how to hang dry six loads in my 500sf concrete box of a studio.  At least, since it's 100 degrees in here it should dry quickly. I hope.

Aside from the cocktail dress I wore to the laundromat, every article of clothing I own, that fits, is still damp. I could realistically donate everything that remains in my dresser and it wouldn't impact my options.

bleck - the last week has been kind of shitty.


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