Full Steam Ahead

Wow. This summer has been so busy. Full on full force pedal to the metal go go go few breaks in the pace. I've had about one week that wasn't full steam since winter break at the beginning of the year. It's funny to say it but I think Burning Man will be a nice respite of down time, even though I'll be working the entire two weeks I'm there.

This is a stark contrast to last summer when I had proper break chill to the point of getting a tan and being bored. This year, no so much. My final school projects needed more work for their full debut at an arts festival. I moved into a place that needed (needs) to be built out. Working my tail off with my volunteer work. In the midst of it we've had a couple exciting and upsetting moments in the building. In addition to three or four trips to Seattle for various reasons.

While it's been intense, my life is settling into a new pattern that I enjoy a whole lot more than the life I left when I moved. I had a nice place and a great roommate and all, but where I am is better in it's own ways. The place is smaller, which I like. Primitive, which I like. I live with Tony, who I love. We live with great people in our warehouse, which is awesome. We're comfortable enough for now.


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