kitchen-ish, originally uploaded by Qathi.

The place I moved into is a standard issue artist studio. It has no amenities of modern living nearby - All the electricity in my place is coming in via cleverly placed extension cords and surge protectors.  The bathroom and only sink in the building are waaaaaaaaaay on the other side of the building and shared with 8 other people.  We're getting creative here.  Really creative.  The kitchen like space seen above is built into the retired elevator shaft (we're on the third floor), Tony cleverly wrapped his head around how to make it work and it's rock solid. We bought a mini fridge last weekend; the fridge we had really only keeps things cold part of the time which is not enough of the time in our opinion so we replaced it with a craigslist find.   He had a slightly flawed concrete countertop that wasn't good enough for his last client, but it's good enough for me so it's in there doing it's job as a counter supported by a small dresser and the fridge making it the perfect height. We hung shelves on one wall and will hang shelves on the opposite wall as well. I'm looking for an old bike wheel to make into a pot rack, which will clear up a lot of our clutter.  Next up I'm going to make a camp sink so that we can tackle light dish rinsing, hand washing, sponge baths, tooth brushing etc. adding a camp sink will make the place a lot more civilized.

Chip chip chipping away at getting settled in. 


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