When I say "objectification"

This is a HUGE topic for discussion, objectification reaches far deeper than sexualization and is based in dehumanization - I can never participate in dehumanization. Ever. There is no fun in that. Not even a little.



dehumanize (third-person singular simple present dehumanizespresent participle dehumanizingsimple past and past participle dehumanized)
  1. To take away humanity, to remove or deny human qualities, characteristics, or attributes. 

These links will take you to image search results for what I have learned means to objectify someone in photos.

Some of these will be hard to look at.
Sudan - maybe should intervene, just saying.
Abu Ghraib - trophies, sexualization, demonstration of power
Orientalism - access, trophy, sexualization
                  suggested reading on Orientalism
                  Orientalism, Edward Said, Random House, 1978
                  Colonial Harem, Malek Alloula, 1986 
Postcards of lynchings -- trophies, demonstration of power

Anti-Beauty Standards NSFW - sexualized 
Beautiful Women - sexualized
just for funsies Beautiful Men - sexualized
mmm haircolor
Blonde - sexualized
Brunette - sexualized
Redhead - sexualized
Ginger brings up food and cats, I think we're safe from rule 34
Women Self Portraitists, actually, these are mostly pretty great.
Until you get to photography

But generally Objectification is objectification

I think I've been on this path for a long time. My favorite image subjects are actual objects, street (minus people) and landscape more than photos of people,  I like quirky mise en-scenes and I prefer patterns juxtaposed with randomness. 


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