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Taken 06/08/2012
I am moved.  I can hardly believe it's been a week in the new place already. My stuff is shaking out into it's right places. I'm still under a bajillion boxes. I still don't have right places for everything. I almost have a working kitchen shaped space, but not quite. Almost.  One thing that Tiny Living skips over in the discussions, is where to put the facilities maintenance stuff a household requires like the vacuum and extra light bulbs.

The cats -- everybody asked about how the cats might fair -- the cats are perfectly fine. Dude Shadow seems to be more at ease and playful than I've ever seen him, like he had a stressful job at the house and now he's on staycation. Mocha Muffin is bored and curious about what's happening outside our door. I tried taking her out for a tour, she was fine for about a minute then wasn't so keen on exploring anymore.  Dude can't get past the door. It's kind of cute. I've been thinking that by moving into a new place together we've passed from me being a visitor in their house to all of us cohabitating together. Dude is my new totally adorable little buddy.

I got a PO BOX and address changes all around... Netflix hasn't caught up to me quite yet. I'll get that DVD someday. We're using Clearwire for the internet, it's 4G rather than DSL or cable. I found inexpensive parking for the truck and travel trailer 1.7 miles away over the river.

My bicycle is a very well "polished turd".  I got the bike for $18 at Goodwill last year for Burning Man, since my last (every bike) was stolen. Last year I replaced the grips and saddle; recently I replaced pedals, tires, added fenders,  a rear rack and new lights. It's also had the bearings repacked.  It's almost completely set up for total car replacement, I just need panniers to pull the whole thing off well. At the moment I'm trying to find a good solution to carrying the bike up two flights of stairs.  The Polished Turd is a step-through aka a ladies bike, so doesn't have a cross bar I can easily place on my shoulder. I've seen a couple interesting ideas, one I think I can make by adapting a strap from an old back-pack or a long length of webbing...or the strap from a duffle, the other would require drilling to bolt a carrying handle to the frame. I like both ideas and will likely apply both.  I love riding but lugging the PT up two sets of stairs is a hassle.

Moving has really thrown a wrench into my workflow, I'm now having a hard time carving out a reasonable space to make the new work in/on. Probably more importantly I'm having a hard time carving out the space in my brain to get back to work.  The last few months have been exhausting with finishing finals to packing, moving and settling in. Right now all I want to do is loaf on the couch looking at pinterest, I won't lie.  Drink hot coco, eat cookies and do nothing.


  1. wow, it looks great! Super cozy and comfy. Nice settling! I'm so glad the kitties and you are settling into permanence.

  2. Q,
    Looks great, sounds great. Maybe you will have space, time, and whatever to retrieve your motorcycles. (or why not sell them?) I am sorry I sold mine and now it is difficult to convince my wife that I don't have a death wish. Wonder if a motor scooter would work?


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