Moving Day on the horizon

It's happening.
I'm moving out of my house June 1st.
Three weeks to get my crap packed and moved out.
Three weeks to get the new place livable and moved in.
This house is going on the market mid June.

I'm moving into the building Tony "lives" in. In reality he' been at my place most of the time since December -- his live/work is in a building down in Chinatown.  My loft and his shop will be separated by another unit.  I was slotted to get the unit immediately adjoining, but something altered the plans of the  person who was moving out so now he's not. We plan to live in my place (400sf of floor, another 300 in mezzanine) and work in his place (800sf) and we reserve the right to switch the intention of the spaces. At the moment his place is dark, and has other peoples stuff in it (storage for an activist group), I'm not down to live with other people's storage, I have enough of my own stuff.

We're about to cohabitate. Our households are kind of joining together.

My new place is small and rough to say the least. It is immediately habitable but will need work to be functional and comfortable for a lady. The two most immediate projects are soundproofing the only (uninsulated) common wall and, figuring out drapes for the huge west facing windows.  I'm busily concocting my plans, (internet) shopping for materials to determine a budget and thinking about how long such a plan should take.

I do this thing whenever I move into a place -- I think I know a few others who do this too -- I obsessively plan it into my dream nest with every possible space saving and organizational McThinger; I paint (sometimes only in my head); and wish to decorate the place into a beautiful design blog exposé ready dwelling of minimalist but cozy, curated but lived in space.  At the moment I'm dreaming up a cloud grey place with blue accents (most of my stuff is red, green or brown so I might have to rethink this). It's in response to living a big mustard yellow house, after living in a turmeric yellow house, after living in a marjoram yellow house, after living in a FFFFCC yellow loft. I really don't like yellow, really.

The place will be a live/work. I need it to function as a studio as well as my house. I love this kind of space and I'm super excited about it. I think my biggest hurdle to having a peacefully well organized, creatively inspiring space will be replacing my current organizational strategy. Of course any plan is purely theoretical at this point. I'll probably end up with stacks of milk crates (I actually like milk crates), cheap or free pile finds -- which I don't actually mind if they're unified by color. Someday I'll have grown up furniture.

But first I must purge and pack.


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