The Art Making Process

Writing is often compared to masturbating, the stylus as phallus, ink to semen. It's easy to draw correlations between writing and wanking.  I argue that any creative endeavor is akin to rubbing one out. We make work for ourselves, because it feels good (or doesn't), because there is a built up tension that needs release, because it's cathartic, we learn from it, it's vulnerable, it's self congratulatory, and most of the time it produces nothing more than a mess.

Centuries of art history have demonstrated that much of the art world is the product of privileged white men stroking themselves, asking us to look at their work. Some invite us into their process, inviting us to be voyeurs of their masturbatory practice so that we may see their virility, ease of production and mastery with their tools.

This animation is a vulgar critique of the art world. I didn't think I'd need to say it, it's so fucking obvious to me - as a female art maker in a mans world - men can toss off a wad of spunk and call it Art with a capital A, while women are practically forced to reveal their bodies to get their work noticed.

Fuck you, Mans World. 

I'm turning the tables - I'm revealing your junk to get noticed. I'm not using my body any more, I'm using yours. You've asked to be objectified, well, here you go.


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