Wednesday Classes

Wednesdays I have Contemporary Art Theory and Literature of the Pacific Northwest, both classes require heavy reading, both classes require that we comprehend and respond to the heavy reading with written and spoken statements that represent our understanding of the presented materials.  In one class I consistently get terrible grades on papers despite verbally demonstrating groking the materials,  in the other class I've been getting top marks.  I'm pretty confident my reading comprehension and communication skills don't differ between the two classes.  What I fail to understand is the disparity between the two.


  1. Q,

    Danger, Will Robinson!
    If you tell us which course you do well in and which you do less well, I'll bet you will be inundated with a flood of comments from your male readers explaining this. We possess the power of Y chromosome logic and love to solve female problems. I also have a bridge in Brooklyn up for sale...

  2. Q,

    I apologize for my earlier comment. Sometimes I forget that I am not as funny as I think I am.

    In all honesty, I have no answer to your question. As a student, I had the same question and as a teacher had students ask me the same question. I never did have an answer.


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