I miss my last real job...

day 326: in the office, originally uploaded by Qathi.
I miss riding
I miss working with riders
I miss helmet hair
I miss dreaming about epic rides
I miss being the dashing lady rider =)
I miss my 'girls', currently tucked in a garage half a state away, neither functional.

I don't miss getting hit by trucks
I don't miss wiping out on black ice
I don't miss commuting in the rain
I don't miss stolen bikes

le sigh

When I first moved to PDX there was a sport bike shop on the same block as my school, I had a fantasy of working there -- continuing my "career" in motorcycles while I finished school, but the shop moved or closed. Either way it's gone.

For all my big girl grown up "when I get out of college" dreams, the things I come back to most often have to do with bikes....which have absolutely nothing to do with the "job" I have at the event in the desert , or Art, or animation, or photography, or writing... none of it. But offering people safe passage to a sense of liberty and freedom makes me well up with pride.

DAMN YOU MOTORCYCLES!!! (shakes fist) Why you gotta go wreck me like that? Mistress and muse.


  1. Q,

    I don't suffer from #5 in your miss list (or #6 either for that matter) and I add a #5 to your "don't miss" list, namely neck pain and numb hands from wearing heavy helmet on a crotch-rocket bike (I have arthritis in my neck)and my wife refuses to come to the ER any more to pick me up. But even at 70, I still miss riding.

  2. Neck pain, numb hands, lower back tension, my funny trick hip; I don't miss that stuff either. I do have a really great lightweight helmet though, I will say that was a nice perk of working at BMW.

    I'd like to add: I miss the day in the year when we make the switch to vented gear. Man, the joy of pulling out the perforated gloves!

    ER visits will bankrupt me - I think I've lost more to the hospitals than in the stock market (and that's saying a lot).


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