17 individual eyes

The place with the stuff had a Buy Two Get One Free deal, so I splurged and got some sunglasses. Some Hunter S. Thompson glasses, cuz that's how I roll, some hipster sunglasses and a pair of fabulous sunglasses.

As it turns out I wear the blue pair in the upper right corner most often, the 10% tint is very comfortable, also I don't have to do so much work to look over the bi-focal area - the black frame, clear lens pair are hard to wear, stairs and cooking are dangerous, I think because the regular lens area is kind of small and I have to really crane my neck to see over it to perform non close-up functions, they've been assigned as reading glasses. The HST glasses are the most comfortable to wear of them all, but they wonk out colors so I don't wear them all the time, a close second.  

The weather hasn't been nice enough to wear the sunglasses yet. Soon the Day Star will shine it's deathly radiation down upon us, and my eyes will be safe from it's piercing pain rays.

One thing is for sure, I'm set for glasses.


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