Skylight in situ proposal presentation material

This is a moc-up for a presentation for my Animated Art for installation class.  If I had heaps of money and access granted by the city I'd install a skylight in places that could stand to have some illusion of sunshine and blue skies. This piece is designed to be looped and is intended to be projected up onto the underside of an overpass. I have intended to retain the rough stop motion qualities so that it maintains an innocent naiveté that juxtaposes the placement of the piece and the technology required to display it.

The animation was made with gouache on watercolor paper and craft stuffing (bear guts) in iStopmotion and monkied with in Final Cut; the still image was captured with my HTC EVO 4G, edited as a mask in Photoshop; the two pieces were assembled with After Effects.  After Effects and I have had a hurky-jerky start, I'm feeling pretty accomplished with this LOL though I know it's a one of the first baby steps.


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