Bobo In Residence

Tony has been staying at my place since The Holidays as he'd been moving out of one unlivable place into a new place only to find the new joint also unlivable. The previous tenant still has literal heaps of stuff to remove before Tony can so much as position his bed let alone get his own stuff sorted. Also it seems that having the space heater on pops the breaker. Booooo! 

We've almost fallen into a delightfully rote domestic pattern. I think it's incredibly sweet. I've been home on winter break I've not had too much to do but sleep in, graze the internet buffet of image fluff and, sort through crap; I've not been trying to manage homework projects or school reading and writing. So it's been fun domestic blissy cuteness. I love that he's here. I do like hanging out with the guy quite a lot. Although, I think my hospitality might be getting on his nerves just a little bit. He's used to being alone most of the time and I'm all up in his business pressing him with tea and requests for sexy time. 

I understand not being settled is stressful regardless of how comfy The Secret Spygirl Hideout may be, it's not his place and he's not with his stuff. There is an end to this transitory state, he's working on getting his place sorted and organized so that he can actually move in to it. 

Until then, I'm enjoying having him around. 


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