Back at it

Today was the start of spring semester.

Under-slept due to the furnace fan that I cannot sleep through (programmed for my roommates wake time), I'd rather freeze than be awoken by the damn furnace fan. Earplugs don't cut it. It's not that it's exactly loud but more that it's a deep vibration. I will HAVE to figure out how to sleep through the furnace. I've always just turned it off at night. I am not an evil roommate who refuses to have the heat on in the dead of winter and I accept that this is my problem to solve. If sleeping pills, white noise and earplugs don't help I don't know what I'm going to do.

When my alarm went off indicating it was time to make like I was waking up -- it was more a snotty  reminder of how long I'd already been awake begging the gods to let me go back to sleep -- to discover it was a snowy winter wonderland outside.  I was all kinds of thrown by this. We dug out tire chains and managed to get me out of the house no more than 10 minutes late - without breakfast. I did get coffee so there is that. Priorities.

Regardless of being groggy class was fun. In one of my animation classes we did a series of gesture drawings then scanned them and loaded them into after effects to use as key frames. The homework is to draw some inbetweens to animate the sequence into a sort of choreographed something or other. I don't even care if my drawings are scroobily globs of crap, once I've animated the shit pile together it'll be a learning experience.

This semester I'm taking a continuation of an animation class, more animation, contemporary art theory (a crap generation lecture class) and, Pacific Northwest Literature. Chugga chugga.

At the mo I'm tired, waiting for Tony so that we can have chow together and maybe a movie before I pass out form stupid exhaustion. Here's to hoping I'll sleep through the 5:30 wake-up furnace fan.


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