totally random factoids

The holiday was perfectly awesomesauce with Tony. We slept late, cooked lots of ridiculous food and ate damn near all of it, went to a movie (The Artist) then came home and watched another movie (Down With Love) staying up late and then, slept super late again and ate more! Holy wow. GO TEAM AWESOME! 

The average height of american women is 5'4 1/2", this has gone down 2 1/2" in my lifetime. I am now "far above the national average" height. Glancing at a chart for the world, I'm generally considered tall. No wonder nothing fits.

I just found the paperwork for Mocha and Shadow also known as Muffin and Dude showing they were born on 9/25/2005. They're younger than I thought they were and I'd been rounding up. I was told they were 7-8 when I got them last year making them 8-9 now and I was rounding up due to the known memory problems of the reporting party.  Everybody was wrong. They're just 7, not possibly near 10 as I had been thinking.


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