Things that have totally rocked seven ways to Sunday

Team Awesome wishing you a happy New Year!

Looking back on the year, I've had some really stupid injuries
1. The Backsaw Incident, April
2. Toe Gash 2011, July
3. The December Neck Pull, Mid December
4. Back Out For Art, Late December

I had a good run of not hurting myself Summer/Autumn

Things out of my control that hurt really bad but aren't injuries
1. Losing JuneBug
2. Failing vision
3. Migraines

Not bad considering. Losing JuneBug was a major event though, I could have stopped my list at that one item for the heart break was too much to bear at times.

Things that have been hard but worth it
1. Quit smoking
2. School (I'm a Junior now wee)
3. Abject Poverty (I wouldn't have quit smoking if I weren't so broke)
4. Finishing my INW board term while living in PDX

Things that have totally rocked seven ways to Sunday
1. Meeting Tony (May)
2. My job for Burning Man
3. Gifted ticket to Pacific Fire
4. Getting the Godspeed running and delivered to PDX
5. Redeeming a gifted tattoo gift certificate
6. New glasses
7. Good grades
8. A gifted a trailer hitch welded to my truck (yet another gift)
9. Camping in a trailer at Burning Man (gift)
10. Camping with Tony (squee)
11. Tony and I changing our relationship to Team Awesome (September)
12. My mom paid off my SallieMae loan! Holy crap!
13. Therapy, thank goodness for therapy
14. I've made a pretty good pile of Art
15. Reading A Chronology of Water was a jolt and a half that I really needed
16. Meeting the author of A Chronology of Water
17. Doing the Artist Way (well, part of it anyway)
18. My house! The gift of my house is amazing!
19. Gifted an awesome mechanical drafting table
20. Gifted the very computer I am using to craft this list (thank you Stuart)
21. Gifted 3 seamless backdrops
22. Homemade chocolate pudding, seriously.
23. Went flying at Burning Man
24. Critical Massive was pretty fun (gifted ticket)
25. A friend helped me pick up my motorcycles
26. The same friend is storing them at his place, and repairing one of them
27.  Redeeming another gifted tattoo gift certificate
28. My roommate is pretty rad, without him I'd flounder
29. Did I mention Tony?
30. Yeah. Tony.
31. The gift of a Flickr subscription for 2011, thank you K
32. The gift of cash from Gabi
33. Anybody who bought something from me last year contributed tremendously
34. Craigslist free listings

All and all a giant massive sincere heartfelt round of thank yous out to all of the amazing people who have helped me through the last year.


  1. Q,
    #16 is the first that you have mentioned this. After your post I had to buy and read the book. What was your reaction to her in real life?

  2. She and Tony are very good friends so I have met her a couple of times in passing, I haven't had a chance to sit down over drinks or anything, but that's entirely possible sometime in the future.


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