Swings? um, ok

I was just reading on an acquaintances blog about the the source spring of his particular kinky proclivities reaching deep into his childhood. This got me thinking about my earliest memories of pleasure. It didn't take long for me to recall that I liked playing on the swings, stacked double seated in "spider", where two people are seated facing each other on the swing.  Playing on the swings has never, ever been a purely innocent activity for me, especially swinging spider, (I was always on  the bottom BTW). Swings activate a deeply pleasurable, physical, ecstatic experience that feels as if I'm being pulled forward by my g-spot. I didn't realize that as a kid of course.  Now I recognize the body sensation experienced while swinging spider is similar to (ahem), being in the dominant position, or having my luggage lifted. Pretty incredible.

I will stop to play on swings, weather permitting.

I want a swing in my house. 

um. yeah.

yeah baby


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