Six Eyes

Now, more hispster than ever before.
YAY! My new glasses have arrived. No wonder my head has been hurting, my prescription is radically different (at least it feels that way). It's going to take some time to get used to the bifocal though but, whatevs I CAN SEE!  I can read directions and see clocks and read my phone, I can see the symbols on my keyboard, I can see my food! I'll be able to paint my toenails again! I was not seeing very well at all, it's a wonder I could drive.   

All told though, it's taken over a month since I began the process to get new glasses. That is including eye examination, hunting for frames, ordering incorrectly, the return and reordering. Over a month is a little frustrating to my internal conflict with our modern world of immediacy -vs- delayed gratification Delayed gratification FTW! I ordered this pair November 28th, they arrived December 12th, two complete weeks to process when ordered correctly. Not bad for $43.

Bonus points, through the magic of technology and the virtual try on feature at Zenni Optical, it was possible for Monkey to help me select these frames; not directly, but with screengrabs, email and chat windows we were able to narrow the field of choices. We decided on two pairs, these and if they were correct I'll order the other pair soon.

In my glasses shopping I looked at a couple of known to be painfully hip eye wear boutiques, just to see what I was missing out on. Yeah. No. Zenni Optical has frames representing current trends. Not a HUGE selection of bleeding edge eyewear fashions but enough that I didn't feel I was making any compromises.  

I can see my food. Is this a good thing? 


  1. Q,

    Sounds like your aura is brightening. Way to go!

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