Like, Eclipse

Eclipse book from the Twilight series reduced to the filler word "like" which have been sewn together in longs strings and sutured back into the spine of the book.

I utilized filler word data collected in class (from previous assignment below) to systematically recontextualize a preexisting literary work, removing all but the filler words. Utilizing the system of collection, to establish rules of reduction, the final piece will be a physical book reconfigured to reflect the collected data.

Pie Chart of filler words, felt, 9" round. This accompanied spreadsheets of collected data and a live performance piece reciting a conversation of filler words only.
Data visualization of filler and placeholder words collected during a specific time period of a specific set of participants. The shape of the final project will be dictated by the final collection of data. Data will be collected via redundant methodology of record taking to include tabulation and recordation of our established criteria. We’ll transcribe the collected data into physical and visual form to represent how we use filler language in academic settings. The final piece will be a mixed media presentation of data as 2D data visualization, 3D visualization and 4D presentation. 

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