Skating Uphill

You know when people ask at parties and stuff, "What have you been up to?", and you hear the answer, "I'm in school." And they nod in understanding and reply "Ooooh, yeah". I always though students were ... I dunno, kind of copping out on the rest of life. Yeah, no.  I understand now.

Holy shit this is a lot of work! My first year of school was preparation to transfer; my first semester at the fancy pants school was catching up on foundation classes; now I'm finishing up sophomore level classes and beginning classes in my major; next semester I'll begin my junior year. The workload is WAY, way more work than I ever had at work when I was working.  I am so damn tired. Holy crap.

I've heard of people skating through school. I can't see how that would be possible. Maybe skating uphill. On loose gravel.

I got the results from a cognitive evaluation administered to determine and document any learning disabilities I may have so that I may qualify to receive support through the school.  "Ms. Hart presented as an intelligent, thoughtful individual with an anxious demeanor." Yeah, that pretty much sums me up accurately.  The results are that I am of above average/bright intelligence, a few points short of qualifying for MENSA (lols), but I'm operating at a 7th grade level of proficiency in mathematics - just as I had suspected!  Seventh grade mathematics proficiency while attempting college level coursework presents a great disparity.

I feel like I'm fucked to be honest.  BUT, now I may ask for and receive the support I need to get through this. So there is that.  I know someone who did his math classes online at another school and had someone take all of the tests for him. Completely cheating, but he didn't fail out of school. It's tempting. I don't think I'd ever do such a thing, I'm far too moral to consider cheating.  That I'm of a strong moral fiber in and of itself is kind of funny considering the life I've lead, but that's another blog post.

So here I am with a chunk of reality. Knowing is half the battle. What's the other half? The FAQ doesn't seem to have an answer for this question.... Well, actually it does red lasers 25% and blue lasers 25%, but you know what I mean.

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