Glasses Update

Saturday I received my order from Zenni Optical, unfortunately I entered some values incorrectly when I ordered so the prescription is WRONG. They're also a bit huge so they're going back. Sadly I will get only a 50% refund, but that is reasonable as they can't reuse the lenses.  When I called the Zenni Optical's customer service center I was surprised to learn it is CONUS (Novato CA). Shocking! I really hate customer service calls; and I really really hate that call center jobs have been shipped out (among other jobs). It is refreshing and surprising to bump up on businesses utilizing the local job market.

Last night I ordered a different frame with my prescription information input correctly I hope.

And now I wait another three weeks.  Oh well.  Despite the miss-order, partial refund, reorder and the waiting this experience has still cost less than getting new lenses put in old frames.  So there is that. 

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  1. Q,

    Yes, you are right. The frames are too large for you. Your original post indicated that you have forked out a lot of money for glasses before this, but I missed it if you said why you seemed to reject the contact lens route. Tried it and didn't like the result? or just could not get comfortable with the stuff?

    Incidentally, any update on your ongoing struggle with math? I hope that you are making progress.

  2. I have rejected contacts. I've never found them to be comfortable, and after extended tries to get used to them found that my eyes never settle into an acceptable state. Due to the shape of my eye I am forced to use hard lenses - they always seems to be fogged up, and the few times I've fallen asleep with them in, regardless if only for a few minutes or an extended nap the discomfort and loss of vision after the fact has been disabling. Falling asleep with my glasses on has never screwed my vision up for a whole day while recovering. If I could utilize extended wear, I'd give it a try.

    Maths. I'm actively working on relaxation techniques to conquer the anxiety I experience with math. After much consideration I think it's that particular professor, she immediately activates some trigger in me that I am pervious to. I am weak to her use of language and tone. I don't know yet what that's about but she reduces me to a quivering pile of tears - even just talking about her makes me cry. So my therapist and I are talking about how to work through all of that. Am I making progress? Slowly, yes. Thank you for your concern =)


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