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I wanted to take one of the 10 Principles and extrapolate it to it's natural conclusion (in my world). Here GIFT is the base idea then it degrades into POLYTARD, someone who is super nerdy about their polyamory, their love is a gift to the masses, we should ll be so honored, then RADICAL SELF ENTITLEMENT to say one may feel entitled to take of a gift rather than present a gift, the final text is CAZZO NON TOCCARMI, don't fucking touch me in Italian.

We all know I'm a photographer / animation enthusiast, doing work in the form of text is a stretch. This assignment allowed for is to use materials on hand as long as we declared what our blue sky material would be. If I had my druthers I'd like to paint this on successive window panes and install them in a way that one may pass between the panes to see them individually - as well as stand to see them all in a group. If I were getting really super dorked out about it, I'd make the lettering work in such away so that when light was passed through the panes the cast shadows of the painted areas would create the base word GIFT.

Instead here, GIFT is cut out from heavy, glittery, flowery paper set on a black ground (painted bristol); POLYTARD and RADICAL SELF ENTITLEMENT are inked in felt pen; CAZZO NON TOCCARMI is painted in acrylic paint. The layers are sewn together. The layers act to obscure the original intent GIFT, but not completely. Meh

post crit notes: it was suggested that that I change the language of the first layer to English or Latin so that the viewer has a better opportunity to understand the piece as a whole; I asked if that would make it too vulgar at first glance, the follow up suggestion was to put a cover and a bow on it so the object itself looks like a gift; it was also suggested that the layers text could be reductive rather than additive, cut outs rather than ink; build up another layer to clarify POLYTARD or clarify polytard concept with another word that could encompass a similar idea - for the sake of legibility. In consideration of audience, I expect the audience is an initiated citizen of BRC so the explantation of every layer to muggles is unnecessary... or muggles older than 20, who have possibly had consensual sex.

After producing this piece I anticipate making one for every one of the 10 principles, assembling them as a group to be presented together.

As an aside; this is the 3rd book like object I've made for school. Who knew?


  1. I promise all of my work will not be about Burning Man or my cats.

  2. Why not? Why can't your work reflect your concerns and interests in life. If you want to write/produce things that you don't have any deep feelings about, you might consider writing speeches for Tea Party politicians.

  3. It's more a declaration of truth, all of my work will not be about burning man and my cats. I have other content =)


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