The Godspeed 818 is home

The Godspeed 818 is home, originally uploaded by Qathi.
Thanks to the generosity of Doug Martin, Tom Martin (no relation), Jeremy Fleming, Piper Persoon-Gundy, Niloticus Crocodylus and family The Godspeed 818 has made it's journey to it's new home with me in PDX. YAY! It's been parked, not exactly functional for almost a year as I've been too broke to have it repaired or, tow it to PDX where I could work on it. Through the kind generosity of my friends it's been moved, repaired and delivered! I LOVE you guys!

I suspect she'll be a lot cheaper to drive and easier to park around school than my truck.

She's as squeaky and rattily as ever. I do have a little re-assemblage to attend to (put her back together after looking to solve the fuel problems she was having), she'll need a new clutch soon and maybe new brakes, all doable now that the car is here. Hard to work on it when its 160 miles away.

I'll get it registered and back on the road this week.


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