interesting observation of myself and work space

What I'm learning about myself living in this house is that I don't like sectioning my stuff into task-centric rooms. I like living and doing stuff in open multifunctional space. I could have a sewing room, but instead I set up in the dining room. I could have an office (or two)(or three), but I set all that drawing/painting/craft/making space in my bedroom (more specifically I put my bed in that room), I could set up sewing in there too, but then I'd never come out. I could live my entire life in one 500sqft room and love it.

In review, I feel like I'm tucking myself away to do something clandestine when I hole myself up in a dedicated task room. Like I don't want to be seen, that I don't want the cats to join me - and so it prevents me from using the space because I don't want to hide away.

Next time. Open space.


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