DIY Cutouts with Terry Gilliam

Getting back to business here. I am in school for photography and animation. I started in the photo program, but I am switching to contemporary animated arts. They play nicely together as you'll see in this video.

My education is complete! This is what I'm paying a butt tons of dollars a year to learn. I got this off Laughing Squid, they have this to say about it.
In this BBC clip from 1974, Terry Gilliam shows viewers how he creates cut-out animations, a technique he used to hilarious effect on Monty Python’s Flying Circus. The clip is from the Do-It-Yourself Animation Show, a children’s educational series about animation that was hosted by British animator Bob Godfrey.
A Do-It-Yourself Animation Show? Awesome! Oh man. Seeing this process simplified without modern technology is refreshing. Now it seems that the tech that supports animation is a bit of a barrier if you don't have it. I'd modernize it just a whisker by using a digital SLR camera to capture, but will still need something like Stop Motion Pro to join the pieces together. There are probably ways a clever girl such as myself could kludge frames together to make a film (with sound even). I must make the space for it (both mental and physical).

I'll be heading back to school in a few weeks. New projects and new resources are on the horizon!


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