Our culture has gone astray

Why can't the media let women look like this anymore? Sophia Loren is UNDENIABLY hot. Look at her!  Standing there with her amazing, normal body, with all of it's normalness. 

Women aren't allowed to have thighs like that anymore, or a tummy. Fuck man shit. If this were the poster body of our day I'd be a frickin goddess. But no. Shaved tweens are what we see shoved in our faces. In the faces of men.

This woman is reported to be the spitting image of Sophia Loren. Really? This child doesn't have hips, or a belly, her tits aren't half as glorious, can't start any fires with them legs.  Spitting image? I think not. I'm half blind and I can see this girls body isn't in the same class as Sophia Loren.  And where the fuck are her pubes?  

Glorious! We need to shift back to this.  

Oh my god, thighs! 

Squishy beautiful thighs. 

I shall now step off my angry little soap box about modern media distortion of female bodies. Women are curvy, and squishy, and a little lumpy, and soft. 

There is of course a much larger discussion about division of fantasy and real life as depicted by the media. About gross distortions of the female body which are passed off as 'real' to girls, women and men. The distortion spreads across media from fashion to porn, tabloid covers, t.v., video, and so on. Our celebrity obsession isn't new but makeover shows that include radical plastic surgery to 'correct' peoples 'flaws' are a recent addition to onslaught of crap thrown at us. We can pretend to avoid seeing these images, but we do, these images infect our perception of beauty.  I'm all for acknowledging our basal level instincts and embracing them. At some point we must come to the surface and reason our way back to reality, to allow women to be woman shaped.    

Since you're here... I'm continuing the conversation in another post Piss Beauty


  1. It would be great if more people would think that way
    I am under a lot of pressure, as well and sometimes I really think that these thin models are beautiful and sexy, it's like I was brainwashed because I, too think that curves are sexier but it seems that is just my opinion and men prefer skinnier and thinner girls :(
    well, it's nice to know that someone appreciates a normal figure without the women being obese but just normal and healthy and BEAUTIFUL WOMEN


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