Little Birds

The paws pictured here do not belong to the guilty party responsible for the crime. Mocha brought this little critter in at 8:30 this morning - let it fly around the place distressed, I suppose for the sport of it. I was in a drug induced sleep too deep to do anything but mutter at the cats to "get the damn thing" as it flew about peeping. Dude was mildly interested in looking at the pretty little birdie. It walked all over a ukulele making a bunch of neat noise peep twang peep twang.  Mocha had left the scene. Much, much later Mocha awoke from a nap, perhaps worn and tired from bringing birds in the house, she sat up and then BOLTED off the bed in a flash of fatty cat to administer the final chomps. Wild terrified death peeps screeched from the little bird in it's last moments. I immediately fell back to sleep - hoping that the corpse would be easy to find when I came to.  


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